Tourism in the Republic of Panama

October 28, 2014

Tourism is a booming industry in the Republic of Panama. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit Panama each year. Panama has beaches on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and is an excellent place for sport fishing and scuba diving. Birdwatchers love Panama because it is the home of hundreds of beautiful and exotic birds such as the blue-footed booby, azuero parakeet, squirrel cuckoo, tropical screech-owl, as well as the majestic harpy eagle which is the national bird of the Republic of Panama. Panama also has a very thriving and exciting nightlife. Nearly every corner of this wonderful country has something to offer to tourists and visitors.

One of the top vacation spots in Panama are the islands of Guna Yala, also known as the San Blas islands. It is here that the native Guna live in the same way they did before the Americas were discovered. The Guna are among the world's smallest people. The Guna adamantly attempt to keep tourism from running rampant and they favor eco-friendly lodgings that blend in with their traditional grass huts.

Very few places match the waters of Panama in their level of marine diversity. This is most evident in the Coiba National Marine Park. The island of Coiba is the largest island of the park. It is also the largest island in all of Central America. Well over 800 species of marine life are present in this area of the country. This park is known to be one of the best places to enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling on the Pacific Coast.

Sendero Los Quetzales is one of Panama’s most beautiful trails. The five mile route starts east of Cerro Punta and takes between four and seven hours to complete. The trail goes through the forest of Parque Nacional Volcán Barú and follows the Río Caldera, crossing over it several times. The trail ends in the mountains above Boquete.  It may also be hiked in reverse, but it’s entirely uphill from Boquete. The trail is not very well marked; therefore, it is recommend to join an organized tour or hire a guide.

The Panama Canal is on of the Republic of Panama's biggest and greatest tourist attractions. It was constructed in 1814 and has a very rich and interesting history. The canal was actually intended to be built in Nicaragua, not Panama. Well over 25,000 workers died during the canal's construction and between 13,000 and 14,000 ships travel through the canal every year.

The Republic of Panama is a country everyone should visit at least once in their life. With so much to offer it's no wonder why Panama is one of the greatest and most popular tourist destinations in the world.