La Boca

La Boca is a small residential and commercial neighborhood closed to Balboa. Together with Balboa it forms the 'heart' of the former Canal Zone and neighbors with the Canal entrance, Bridge of the Americas and Balboa Port.

The residential community of La Boca is centrally located in the canal zone. Within 15 minutes of La Boca one can find several markets, including a full sized-grocery store, post offices, banks, medical and veteranary clinics, parks, Florida State University and even an Elks Lodge.

The residential area of La Boca is comprised of a mix of both Panamanian and American families, and is an excellent place to raise children.

La Boca consists also of a commercial area, around Williamson Place, most shipping agents, ship chandlers and supply businesses have established there offices - the installations of Florida State University Campus - Panama ar located in this are as well. The commercial need is growing in the area. Do to the Canal Expansion more offices will be needed there and Canal Contractors will establish their offices.

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