Volcan is a very up and coming area which is located closer to the major city of David than the more commonly known area of Boquete

Like Boquete, Volcan is located in the province of Chiriqui at an altitude that varies between located 4,000 - 5000 feet. Boquete boasts a comfortable year-round climate which ranges between 55°-78° F.

Real Estate in Volcan has been appreciating very steadily in the last 5 years due to several factors.

  1. Volcan real estate has near perfect weather which is ideal for active retirement living and outdoor activities such as birding, hiking, mountain biking, rafting, etc.
  2. Volcan real estate has rich, fertile soil which is ideal for floral exportation, coffee growing and various other agricultural products. In recent years gourmet and organic coffee produced in the Chiriqui region has fetched record breaking retail prices.
  3. The natural beauty that can be found in and around Boquete has also attracted a growing number of residential developments for the area to suit the growing influx of expat retirees.

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