Cerro Viento

Cerro Viento is an area of Panama that is growing at a very impressive rate. It is home to just about every amenity that one could possibly need, including the exclusive Panama Golf Club, location of several professional golf tournaments, English speaking schools, including the International School of Panama, shopping centers such as the Los Pueblos Mall, many restaurants, garden centers, medical and veterinary clinics, beauty salons, movie theaters and much more.

Also, Tocumen International airport is only 15-20 minutes from Cerro Viento and the Northern and Southern Corredors are also about 15 from Cerro Viento as well.

Pros to Investing in Cerro Viento:

  • It is very convenient
  • Cerro Viento is reasonably priced to live in and buy property in.

Cons to Investing in Cerro Viento:

  • Traffic can be very heavy, especially during rush hour
  • The homes in this area typically do not have very large yards, if any at all.

Cerro Viento Real Estate

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