Taboga Island

Taboga Island, also known as the Island of Flowers, is a beautiful island with an intriguing history, a quaint village of about 400 residents and several hotels and beaches as well as an abundance of nature trails. 

The Island of Taboga has several beaches to choose from, and most of the beaches offer stunning views towards the Panama City skyline.  There are daily ferries to and from Taboga which is roughly 12 miles from the mainland.  The boat trip to the island is just under one hour and very enjoyable.  

The history of Taboga is very interesting and dates back to the times of the Spanish Explorers, and for a short time in the late 1800´s served as home to the French Post-impressionist painter Paul Gauguin. 

There are several homes on the island of Taboga that have won various architectual awards.

Also, despite the simplicity of the town, and humble, honest townpeople, from Taboga you can have first world amenties such as broad band internet, competitive phone services as well as beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, nearby Islands of the Pearl Island Archipelago, and the striking Panama City Skyline.

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