First Metro Route Established: From Albrook to Los Andes

February 26, 2010
The route for the new metro that will serve Panama City was revealed recently by the Metro Secretary, Robert Roy. The route proposed for "Line 1" is 14 kilometers long and has 16 stations. It will run from the National Bus Terminal in Albrook to the suburb of Los Andes.

From near the Albrook Mall, the metro will run above ground to where the government is proposing the construction of a "government city" in Curundú. Then it will continue underground to Plaza Cinco de Mayo, through Bella Vista and along under Via España to Via Brasil. There the route will pass to Vía Fernández de Córdoba from where it will run above ground through San Miguelito all the way to Los Andes.

The system will run on conventional steel rails and the trains will be powered on a high-voltage electric grid that will get its energy from the public electric system. The cars will be 2.7 meters wide by 18 meters long. It is estimated that the finished Metro will have the capacity to carry 40,000 passengers per hour. It will operate between 4:30 a.m. and midnight seven days a week. Experts believe that it will be sufficient for public transportation needs on this route through 2035.

Companies will bid for the entire project, including definitive engineering designs and all construction to include laying of lines and construction of the stations. Those companies that pass the pre-qualifying round will meet with the Metro Authority before the bidding process proceeds further. It is expected that a contract can be awarded and work on the project started in the second half of 2010.