Choose a Panama Beachfront Retirement

Anatoly Gaviria June 26, 2013

Many retirees want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and the cold of winter weather. They’d rather spend their golden years sitting on the porch of their beachfront retirement home enjoying life. One of the problems with this is there are few places in the world that offer the amenities and health care in combination with property that is affordable for those who are living on a pension or a limited retirement income. One of the best places today for retirees is Panama because it has an affordable cost of living, home prices are low and stable and there are many different beaches to choose from on two different oceans! The following are some of the beaches that offer affordable housing and stunning views of the ocean.

Red Frog Beach

Red Frog Beach is located on the north side of Bastimentos, of the province of Bocas del Toro.  Red Frog beach is named after the native red  poison dart frogs that reside in the area. They are poisonous to predators but safe for humans and look like little strawberries. You can find the Red Frogs on many of the beaches in the area, even where there has been a great deal of development. Retirees who have younger family members that will come to visit will love the waves on the beaches which are considered among the best surfing waves in Panama.

Bocas del Toro

On the south east side of Isla Colon lays the town of Bocas del Toro which is a lovely small town that is easy to reach via Panama City. Panama City offers many flights daily to this quiet beach front town or you can hire a boat taxi from Almirante which is a cheaper option. Flights are discounted for tourists and those who are from other countries. There are friendly people and the main language of this beach community is English. There are plenty of new beachfront homes and some offer no property taxes on the construction values for the first 10-20 years from the point that the certificate occupancies are issued.

Isla Taboga

For those who prefer to have a beachfront home, that is a bit closer to civilization, Isla Taboga may be the spot for you. It is located just a couple of miles from Panama City but does not lack in stunning beaches and even more stunning rainforests. Bird enthusiast will love the diversity of birds that can be found here. You will need to take a boat to Panama City but it’s only a 50 minute long trip approximately and well worth it to have a day in the city.

Isla Bastimentos

This is a huge island with a small town with shops and pubs. There is a marine park and forest with tropical birds to watch when you are at your new beachfront home. Zapatilla Clay is close and you can find stunning beaches with white sands and clear blue water as well as some of the freshest coconuts you'll find anywhere.

Viveros Resort and Club

Viveros Resort and Club is an idyllic private-island community located just 15 minutes by plane from Panama City.  Viveros Resort will offer its residents very luxurious amenities and ocean front residences.
Among the decadent amenities which will be offered by Viveros Resort and Club are:

  • a Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course,
  • a full-service marina capable to accommodate 300-slips,
  • an oceanfront beach club and a private airport that will host private turbo-prop and jet aircraft.

Additional amenities will include:

  • restaurants,
  • tennis courts,
  • a boutique hotel
  • and a variety of shops – from groceries and marine supplies to high-end luxury stores.

There are so many different beachfront communities to choose from in Panama. All you need to do is decide where you want to spend your retirement and buy that house!